Is the US a Christian Nation? The Freemasons Connection

I grew up thinking that the United States was founded by Christian men with biblical values. Where on earth are men and women as free? For generations, people have come to escape religious persecution. But, is it all a ruse? “One nation under God” is written all over our founding documents. But, I question the founders’ definition of God. And what about their connection to the secretive group the Freemasons?

Our Founding Fathers

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, all men of renown who are credited with the establishment of this great nation. One thing they have in common is their religion. All were Deists.

Deism – Enlightened Emptiness
Deism is the belief in a supreme being, who remains unknowable and untouchable. God is viewed as merely the “first cause” and underlying principle of rationality in the universe. Deists believe in a god of nature — a non-interventionist creator — who permits the universe to run itself according to natural laws. Like a “clockmaker god” initiating the cosmic process, the universe moves forward, without needing God’s supervision. Deism believes that precise and unvarying laws define the universe as self-operating and self-explanatory. These laws reveal themselves through “the light of reason and nature.” Reliance on the power of reasoning exchanges faith for human logic. Here are some examples of deist reasoning:
  • God is identified through nature and reason, not revelation. Deists who believe in God, or at least a divine principle, follow few if any of the other tenets and practices of Christianity, Judaism, or any religion believing in a personal God. Any deist god is an eternal entity whose power is equal to his/her will.
  • Some deists believe in Jesus Christ, while others do not. Most deists give regard to the moral teachings of Jesus.
  • The Bible is not accepted as the infallible Word of God. Deists refute evidence of Jesus’ incarnation of God on earth. They deny the credibility of any writings from the Apostles or any “Spirit-inspired” writings.
  • Deism has no creed, articles of faith, or holy book. Neither Satan nor hell exists, only symbols of evil which can be overcome by man’s own reasoning.
    Man is qualified to decide what reasonable path to follow regarding morals. Deists refer to themselves as “freethinkers.”
  • Deists reject revelations and visions. There is no place for the nonsense of miracles and prophecies in an enlightened deist’s life.
  • Deism has no need for ministers, priests, or rabbis. All an individual requires is their own common sense and the ability to contemplate their human condition.


Another thing the Founders have in common is their membership in an elite and secret society called the Freemasons (also known as the Masons). A blending of religion (deism) and governance, the Freemasons are in many leadership positions spanning from the 1700’s to today. Look closely around your town. There’s probably a Masonic lodge or some sort of Masonic symbol.


Freemason Symbol
Freemason Symbol
George Washington in Freemason Attire

What Do Freemasons Believe?

Freemasons are a secretive group. You can join by invitation only and it’s only for men. Years ago, I was at a festival in my local town with a friend. A woman approached him, asking if he was interested in joining. Apparently, men cannot ask other men to join. It can only be done through women. Unusual. Nonetheless, this is a secretive and closed group, known for its charity and public service.

The encyclopedia of Freemasonry under the term Visible Masonry, references a brochure published in 1775. It tells us there are two levels of Masons, the visible and the invisible. Your everyday, rank and file members are the ones who meet in local lodges, serve in local government and communities. In my town, they established the local children’s hospital. It’s still called Scottish Rite–a Masonic reference.

I mentioned there are two levels within Masonry. The philanthropic ones espouse Christian principles and probably attend a Christian church. They are the visible members. They will only achieve a certain level. According to the encyclopedia of Freemasonry, invisible members are the ones who govern our nation and sit on our Supreme Court. They are seen as Sons of Light, perfect in their leadership while those in the lower level, visible capacity are seen as needing purification.

US Presidents Who Are Masons

  • George Washington
  • James Monroe
  • Andrew Jackson
  • James Polk
  • James Buchanan
  • Andrew Johnson
  • James Garfield
  • William McKinley
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Howard Taft
  • Warren Harding
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Harry Truman
  • Gerald Ford

Supreme Court Justices Are Masons (incomplete list)

  • John Jay
  • John Rutledge
  • William Cushing
  • John Marshall
  • William Taft
  • Earl Warren
  • Thurgood Marshall

This is only a sample of some of the names. Click on the link above to see all 41 names…yes 41.

Freemason Summary

  • Established our government
  • Have lodges and members established all across America
  • Serve in local, state and national government
  • Have 2 levels: visible and invisible: in need of purification and perfect


Freemasons are NOT Christian. I’ve been to a funeral of a lower-level Freemason. It was a Christian service but the group itself is not Christian.
According to the internet, “Deism is a philosophical belief that posits that God exists and is ultimately responsible for the creation of the universe, but does not interfere directly with the created world.” Deism is the official religion of the group. They also do not believe in the deity of Jesus–Jesus is not God. Neither do they believe in the authority of the Bible.

In my next blog, you’ll see how the Freemasons relate more to paganism. They secretly worship mythological gods like Isis and Apollo. They are also associated with the famed Illuminati. Likewise, the Illuminati is a godless, secretive group made up of world leaders who control the affairs of nations.

The all-seeing eye is pictured a lot with Masonic symbols. It’s the eye of the mythological god Horus. He is the son and indwelling of his father, Apollo. My next blog will share how these two symbols and their pagan philosophies are all over our nation’s capitol.

freemasons symbol

One giant illusion

So many of our presidents, leaders and even Supreme Court justices are Freemasons and Deists. Their religious principles and symbols are everywhere: our Great Seal, our money, the Washington Mall. Our religious freedom and heritage have all been one giant illusion. We are on the cusp of losing it all under the guise of safety and security. Buzzwords like globalism and New World Order are their plan. Complete control. Religious freedom gone. Free speech and thought, gone. Here is a list of what is on the horizon:

  • demonization of Christians
  • one way of thinking, no dissenting voices
  • extreme political correctness
  • social scores
  • social justice (that changes with the times vs. biblical truth)
  • health care rationing
  • mandatory vaccinations
  • limited news sources
  • decrease in nationalism including borders

The end of the great experiment

The United States has been referred to as the great experiment in democracy. It is one that might be at the end of the journey. With immigrants flooding our borders by the thousands daily, we will not be able to sustain our nation. We will no longer be a nation of laws. Chaos will ensue.

But, don’t give up hope. Jesus allows devastation and crisis as a means to draw us closer to Him. Turn to Jesus, our Strong Tower. He can and will protect you if you choose to follow Him.

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