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We’ve all seen the teasers and the ads, promising to pay lots of money for doing all sorts of things. From mystery shopping to surveys, there is no shortage of offers. While I’ve tried several avenues to try to make a little extra money, the easiest one thus far has been the surveys. This blog promises to show you where to find high dollar paid surveys. I’m not talking about $1 here, $5 there. I’m talking about $75, $100, $200. These are real, legit places that pay in cash, check and Visa gift cards. I’ve even gotten merchandise like a printer!

Reasons to trust my advice:

  • I have nothing to gain, just want to share what I know
  • I’ve been doing this for YEARS successfully

Google Search Paid Surveys

So I typed in a search for paid surveys that pay you… Let me say how shocked I was at what I found. Nothing but empty promises and bait and switch as far as the eye can see! You might be content to spend 15 minutes on a survey that pays $5 but I am not. Also, some sites make you wait until you hit a certain threshold until they pay out. Plus, this all comes at a cost—giving away your personal information!

Don’t Get Fooled

Yes, it’s good to look for blogs that rate and review these paid survey companies. Unfortunately, many of them receive royalties or kickbacks for every click to their website. I do not! My motivation is to help you. Our family is always strapped for cash. Surveys have been a tax free way to add a little boost to my bank account.

Some sites like e-rewards offer points to be redeemed for items, only I can never figure out how many reward point I have. And honestly, my time is too valuable to sit and answer 15 minutes of questions for a few points. I need cash money and I don’t want to give up too much of my time.

Recently, a woman told me about a website called Greenbook that she uses. I took her advice and signed up. What a mistake!!! It’s the exact site I was trying to avoid with pseudo offers and never-ending surveys that offer only points in return. Ugh! Bottom line, it’s hard to know who to trust on the web.

Legitimate Places

So how do you find legitimate places to make money? First thing I did was ask around. That’s how I found out about the majority of the places I’m about to tell you. My next advice is to try to google the key words like “market research” and your state. Then compare those sites with the legitimate ones I’m going to give you. I’m sure there are other paid survey sites. These are the ones that I personally use:

Pay varies from $35 to over $200 per survey. Most pay with a prepaid card but sometimes I get a check and every once in awhile I get CASH. Time of survey also varies from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Many of them conduct the surveys at their facility but I did one at a hotel and another at the client’s office. On the low side is I Secret Shop. They are a mystery shopping company. Recently I did a shop at my local Orange Theory workout facility. I got paid to work out! Because they wanted my business, I actually got 2 free work outs. I wound up liking the place and eventually joined.

I mentioned earlier that I got a free printer. While I don’t recall which company it was, I do remember the details of the freebie. In exchange for an online review, I received a large wireless printer/scanner/fax, suitable for a small office, retailing for $250 on Amazon. Because I didn’t need a new printer, I gave it to my parents. They were thrilled!

One week I got lucky and qualified for 2 surveys. I made almost $200! That money could not have come at a better time. Like I said, the amount of paid surveys is tied to the economy and the calendar. As I’m writing this article, I am currently involved in 2 surveys and am scheduled for a third this week. Crazy!

What you have to do

Not all surveys are the same, obviously. Most of the surveys I do are where I have to travel to their facility and participate in a round table discussion with a moderator. All conversations are videoed and recorded. They will typically last for 2 hours. A few times I’ve brought product home and had to complete my opinions online on a particular schedule. Occasionally, I will participate in an online blog that takes place over numerous days. And every once in awhile I will get a 20 minute phone interview. I did one for a skip trace company I used called Truth Finder. They gave me $40 Amazon credit for a 20 minute phone call!

Nice money but you can’t count on it

Paid surveys come in waves for me and are typically tied to the calendar and economy. When the economy was down, companies didn’t have the extra resources for surveys. I did very few back a few years ago. Also, the holidays are not a big survey time. Now that it is summer and the economy is rocking, surveys are hitting hard and strong! As I’m writing this blog, I am in the middle of 1 and am scheduled for 2 more! This is highly unusual but so exciting!!

For the most part, I get paid right after the survey. With the online ones, the payment comes within a month. Keep the email with the contact info just in case the check gets lost in the mail 🙂

Health conditions

Focus Pointe Global is always looking for individuals with all sorts of health conditions from cancer to Parkinson. I’ve even seen some screeners looking for children who suffer from ADHD. You could get paid because of your condition!

Tips for getting chosen


  • say you haven’t done a survey in the last 6 months
  • say you can easily share your opinion with others
  • be courteous and friendly with the call screener, they will often “help” you qualify
  • talk to others while you wait to find other similar opportunities
  • be honest about your age, family, race; lies are hard to keep up with

Choose a time that works with the least traffic. No sense in spending 3 hours in traffic, 1 hour for the survey for a mere $75.

Groups in high demand:

  • people with young children
  • Hispanics
  • young people between ages 12-25.

Again, don’t lie if you don’t fit into these groups. There are still plenty of paid surveys out there!

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