How Do You Know if Your House is Haunted?

Is my house haunted?

Every home has its share of creaks and noises. But when does it cross the line from a property settling in its foundation to the habitation of evil entities? How do you know if your house is haunted?

There’s something about a place that’s haunted–it just draws us in! A few years ago, my husband and I visited Savannah, GA. I made sure we stopped and had a beer at a local brewery that’s known for being haunted. I asked the server if she had witnessed anything spooky and she, of course, said yes. You’re dying to know the name of the bar so you can visit it too… It’s Moon River Brewery. The ghosts are the main attraction not only at this bar but lots of places around Savannah. Ghost tours are a main attraction and there are lots to choose from, both walking and even ones where you ride on a tour bus or how about a hearse!

Take a look at the home in the photograph.

It could be any home–looks very normal, right? Well, it’s on the list of haunted homes in Ispwich, MA. It’s the William Spiller House. The Ipswich Historical site documents that people have seen ghosts and had strange things happen in this home. Read this excerpt taken from their website.

A ghost reportedly haunts the William Spiller house just north of the Clam Box on Rt. 1A at 248 High Street. A psychic once felt oddly drawn to a corner of the basement, where she uncovered a small box buried in the ground with personal items. Valerie Frederick added, “My family lived in the Spiller house for years, and yes there are ghosts there. Weird things use to happen. My grandmother never believed my dad until the time she got up in the middle of the night and saw something going across from one room to another.”

There’s something about these homes that draws us in! I want to go too!! What is it? I think the spiritual realm is fascinating and apparently I’m not alone. Maybe we will see a shadow figure, see something move, feel the chills, hear a random scream. It’s exhilarating!

But what if the spiritual activity is in your home?

Not so fun. It’s one thing to visit a spooky location out of novelty and yet another to live in one. These spirits are real! While people are drawn to them, mostly out of curiosity, I’m telling you to stay away! The spirits are evil. You never find spiritual activity in a place where happiness abounds. It’s only in locations where sadness, death, or maybe a crime occurred. Many people believe these haunting are done by the deceased. I, personally, don’t believe that. Once we die, there is no communication to the land of the living.

So how do you know if your house if haunted? Well, to me, there are differing levels of what would be considered haunted. Here’s a list of the worst kind:

  • visible manifestations (shadow figure)
  • something/someone touches you
  • voices or strange noises
  • objects move on their own
  • you are unable to live in the residence (the worst)

To a lesser extent, you probably have some “unwanted guests” if you have frequent:

  • nightmares that wake you up between 12-3 a.m.
  • an uneasy feeling someone is watching you
  • a sense that evil spirits are around you
  • uncontrollable urge to hurt others or yourself
  • extreme depression
  • chills for no reason

most haunted cities in us

The spiritual realm is real

Most of our days are firmly planted in the physical world. What we don’t realize is the connection between the physical and spiritual realms. There was once a school of thought there was no connection between the two. A good example of this principle is sex–it’s both a physical and a spiritual union. Don’t believe me? If you want to feel close to someone, then sex is the ultimate closeness. It’s also the reason rape is so devastating. Not only is it a physical violation, a woman has become one in the spirit with another against her will.

Still not convinced? I used to be a big fan of a show called Ghost Adventures. The technology these men have access to provides the physical evidence to the chills, shadow figures, and other strange occurrences that take place at supposed haunted locations. Notice how I said I used to be a fan of their show? It is not a good idea for me to watch this program any longer because I feel the show is in itself a portal for those spirits to come into my home! Aaron Goodwin who is on the show, reported divorced his wife because of the show. He didn’t want his wife to be tormented by the spirits who followed him home. In a WikiCelebInfo article, “The camera operator explained that whenever he would leave home for work, his wife would often have nightmares. According to him, mysterious happenings, for instance; toilet seat always coming up on its own and posters tearing away from the walls without anyone touching them began to occur whenever his wife would be alone at home.”

Here is Aaron Goodwin in his own words after he did a lock down at Bobby Mackey’s:

I wanted to just talk about what happened with my ex wife and I and of course Mackey’s. After I came home from Mackey’s the 1st time hunting there, everything changed for me. Right away we could notice something had followed me home from there. My ex-wife and I would share the same nightmares at night and went threw some crazy paranormal stuff. My nightmares had to do with this white bearded old guy that was always trying to get her and I. We would wake up at the same time at night. She would wake up screaming or out of breath. She would wake and talk about things that had to do with places I hunted. We would share the same dreams and the stuff that happened around the house was indescribable.

One time we went to reach for a glass out of the cabinet and the glass just shattered into a dust pile instead of just broken glass. A framed poster drilled into the wall was thrown to the ground. The crazy thing is that when looking at the holes in the wall after it fell off, they were still perfect holes. No gravity pulled it down, it was pulled out and thrown to the floor. I tried to debunk it as gravity but there was no way. Crazy scary sounds and an old man talking was the icing on the cake on certain nights.

Now my ex-wife is a tough cookie and can handle all this, but I was gone all the time and it really worried me to know she was left alone in that house. See I at that time lived in Oregon and would fly out to a location and shoot. Then I would fly to Vegas and watch X-cam footage for a few days. Finally go fly home after 8 to 16 days. I was really never around much.

When I did come home that’s when things got crazy. After about 4 lock downs later I realized a little kid spirit followed me home from Scotland and was hiding things on us like the remote control and other important stuff. This is when I realized that my life would never be the same again. With all this happening all the time I got scared for her when I was gone. The dreams I had were the final straw. They would be about her and the spirits trying to get her. Also, the dreams would be about my children (If I had any, which I do not have) and they would be cursed along with my family. Now this dream happened all the time. So when you put the paranormal activity that happens around the house and the dreams you realize that this might just be real and you fear for your loved ones.

Don’t fool around with these spirits!

Shows like Ghost Adventures are interesting to watch but honestly don’t help the situation or really answer any questions. They are good at verifying the haunting with scientific evidence but nothing more in my opinion. While you think you are bigger or stronger than they are, think again!! Aaron Goodwin lost his marriage. He is a big, strong guy and he couldn’t conquer them.

Get rid of ghosts in your home

Whether your concerns falls in the first or the second category, you may have evil spirits living among you. For most people, they are no bother but for others they are a real concern. Don’t let anyone make you feel badly for not wanting them in your home. These entities are not kind, nice, or friendly, deep down. They might act that way for a time. Recall these spirits were lured there, to your home, and are associated with evil, not goodness.

I will give you step-by-step instructions to rid your home of these spirits, but there is a WARNING. My method only works if led by someone who is a born-again Christian. This is a person who has given his/her life to Jesus as the Savior of their life, who believes Jesus is God–not a man nor a prophet. This is extremely important!! The reason for this warning is that if you pray these creatures away, you run the risk of them coming back with more friends. So you could go from a difficult situation to one that is far worse! The details of how to do this will be found in my next blog.

My next blog will detail how to get rid of unwanted spirits in your home. You can do it yourself but it’s not for everyone. There’s no need to hire a shaman or physic because they don’t work. I get attacked by demons from time to time and have no problem getting rid of them. I’ve also cleansed a couple of homes successfully.

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