WELCOME! So glad you’ve found HowDoYou.net!

I’m what you would call intellectually curious. Over the years, I’ve researched just about everything. My blogging career began on a site called HubPages. It’s a great place to blog on any number of topics and most importantly, get readers. I was drawn to Hubpages because I could write on anything and everything and make a couple of dollars in the process. Here is the link to my Hubpages account.  If I had my own site, I’d be restricted to one topic. HowDoYou.net is the place where I can bring most of my blogs and have more control and hopefully, financial freedom one day.

Most importantly for you, HowDoYou.net is THE place to come for legitimate answers to whatever it is you are searching for. It’s ridiculous how some people resort to click bait to get you to go to their sites.

As for me, I have a day job and an evening job. My day job is working in business development for a real estate investor. My “night” job is taking care of my home, husband and children–fur babies included! On the side, I’m an author and speaker. My book called One Body, is a small group Bible study that helps you learn how to use your God-given gifts and talents within your gathering. You can learn more at my website One Body Strong.

I mentioned I am a speaker in the last paragraph. While I have spoken to church groups on any number of topics and for different events, my heart is teaching others about Judaism and how it is connected to Christianity. Again, you can learn more about this at One Body Strong.

-Cynthia K. Lyerly